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Slab Leak Repair Dallas

Slab leak detection and slab leak repair could be incredibly complicated procedures. You do not need to worry about them, though. Our team of expert plumbers can provide a precise assessment of your slab leak and can offer cost-effective maintenance solutions. Our extensive history in slab leak detection Dallas, water line repair, and slab leak repair enables us to provide quality maintenance at an affordable cost. Slab leaks are not unheard of in homes that have foundation problems. When you notice signs of foundation problems, call a foundation repair company like us for help.

Most of the slab leaks we discover are pinhole leaks caused by etching, algae, and lead deposits. If you think you got a slab leak or need slab leak repair, phone us today for a completely free estimate. We don’t have any drive time charges, so you will only pay for the performed job. With more than ten years of plumbing knowledge, we have the expertise and ability to restore your slab leak Dallas. You can trust us to fix any of your plumbing problems.

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Slab Leak Detection Dallas

Slab leaks are among the most challenging plumbing problems to repair. A slab leak Dallas TX will require removing some of the slabs to find the leak or break. After the leak is located, we can then repair the pipe and solve the slab leak. Some clear signs of a slab problem are hydrated carpet and damp areas on the floor. Other indicators can be a loss in water pressure or an increase in your water bill.

There are many causes of slab leaks in houses. The first one is the shift of the foundation. Since the heat in the Dallas area can be extreme during the summer season, keeping your foundation watered adequately can prevent the change in your foundation. When a foundation shifts, it can pull the pipes apart and result in breaks and leaks. Another common reason is the chemical reaction between copper pipes and soil or water. Copper pipes frequently cultivate pinhole leaks, and those may originate from external interaction with water or the water which runs throughout the lines. Another cause a slab leak might happen in your house is high water pressure. If your water pressure is pretty high, it will cause oxidation in your copper pipes and result in a line to lose water. One more common cause of slab problems is low-quality installation or repair. It might have been done by an amateur plumber or a plumber that was rushing through the job. The caliber of the supplies a plumber uses is crucial. You can contact our company today for an idea of how much a slab leak repair cost Dallas.

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Slab Leak Dallas

Slab leaks in homes could be brought about by several different factors—hard water, shifting in the foundation, and water pressure, to name just a few. Many families have a concrete slab base and have soft copper pipe installed underneath the concrete slab. Soft copper is utilized because the hard copper pipe is not allowed to be installed below the slab. After decades of use, little slab leaks can happen due to hard water or clogged pipes that cause rust and, ultimately, leaks. Regardless of the case, our team can help repair your slab leak. The most popular slab leak repair Dallas TX option for a slab problem involves using a jackhammer. In this process, first, the carpet, furniture, and other household items are removed. Then we take extra care to cover and prevent dirt and dust from spreading outside of the work Area. Once we pull everything back and reach the slab where we located the drip, we use a jackhammer to make a hole. Then, we pinpoint the leak to make the needed modifications to the pipe in the slab.

Slab leaks can come at different times during the year. The summer months are hot and dry, which will result in the soil to crack and your foundation to move, causing a pipe burst or leak. A chilly winter season can trigger a similar problem if we have some days of below-freezing temperatures. Water can enter into existing fractures of the slab or foundation and expand when frozen, definitely creating a pipe break or leak.

Slab leaks are not something that homeowners should tackle on their own. Thus, if you think that there is something wrong, call our company. Our company’s experts will be there quickly to get going instantly if slab leak repair Dallas is necessary. Repairing and detecting slab leaks requires the appropriate tools, the best people, and the proper process. Without early detection, you can wind up with gaps in your floors that do not have to be there or a foundation leak that continues even after it was fixed. If you suspect you have a slab leak in your home, call the slab leak repair Garland experts of our company to investigate.